16-Oz Smoothies



In 16-Oz Smoothies, smoothies are the ultimate tools for wellness. With 30 recipes divided by goal — whether you’re looking to start your morning with energizing ingredients, throw some greens into your diet, detox out inflammatory food, boost immunity, or add a burst o tropical flavor to your day — addressing nutritional needs has never been easier or more delicious. And make no mistake: these aren’t the sugar-laden beverages of yore; they’re sweetened by fruit, flavored by fresh herbs and spices, and boosted by superfoods. From a Turmeric Mango smoothie designed to remove toxins (with a sneaky serving of carrots) to fiber-full Coconut Colada, a satisfying snack or meal is just a puree away.

Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoPS5gGzWiA

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