The Princess

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a Muslim princess named Aisha. The youngest daughter of an influential sultan, she had always felt different from her sisters and had never been interested in the men that her father had chosen for her to marry. But she kept her rebellious side hidden … More The Princess

No More Relationshit

“Remember, red flags are for traveling carnivals, and if you ignore them, you will be trapped into paying for something that was supposed to be ‘free,’ be stuck watching a crappy show, wind up with a clown who is performing for others, be left with kids you didn’t bring, and be left behind when they leave town.” … More No More Relationshit

Mistake in Time Review

Mistake in Time Anna Faversham Anna Faversham throws us back in time with the fun and heartwarming romance Mistake in Time!  Liberty Taffet wants to escape her heartbreaking crush.  Yet, she wasn’t expecting to escape by being thrown back in time to the 60s without her memory, being pursued by two mysterious figures nonetheless.  It’s … More Mistake in Time Review

Unexpected Love Review

Unexpected Love David Allen Edmonds David Allen Edmonds brings us a heartwarming and fun romantic comedy with Unexpected Love!  In the smalltown of Benton Center, residents love to gossip about the latest power couple in love, a couple that devises a way to get back at the town.  Meanwhile, another couple falls in love beneath … More Unexpected Love Review

Mistake in Time

For 21st century career girl Liberty Taffet, the idea of making a catastrophic mistake is unthinkable. To get away from two-timing heartbreaker Dr Nicolo Nylander, she sets off to visit Regency England. She knows the secret, she’s done her research – what could possibly go wrong? Landing in London’s Swinging Sixties pursued by two unknown … More Mistake in Time

Dirty Professor

CarolineI’ve always been a good girl. Raised by my grandmother, I was taught to be nothing less than a lady. Sit up straight, shoulders back, hands folded neatly in my lap, ankles crossed and knees together. To speak only when spoken to. However, deep down inside there lives a wild young woman longing to break … More Dirty Professor

The Widow’s Wall

It’s been ten years since David told me our love had run its course. Now he’s back, and the sight of the muscled physique that working as a CIA officer has carved out is a torture all on its own. Unfortunately, there’s no way to escape it–or him. Because clearly, the universe has a sense … More The Widow’s Wall