Mistake in Time Review


Mistake in Time

Anna Faversham

Anna Faversham throws us back in time with the fun and heartwarming romance Mistake in Time!  Liberty Taffet wants to escape her heartbreaking crush.  Yet, she wasn’t expecting to escape by being thrown back in time to the 60s without her memory, being pursued by two mysterious figures nonetheless.  It’s a fun set up and Faversham brings it home wither her fantasticly vivid and emotional writing!  It was a blast exploring the swinging 60s, especially with forever likeable Liberty.  Mistake in Time is a wonderful string of fun, humorous, and touching events that holds in your memory much better than Liberty’s flawed memory.  If you love period pieces, time travel, and fun romance, definitely come take a step back into the past with Mistake in Time!

2 thoughts on “Mistake in Time Review

    1. Absolutely fantastic! Although I don’t expect anything less from such a talented writer like you! 🙂

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