No More Relationshit

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This is a guide to help Women avoid men that are not worth their time or do not have their best interest in mind. It goes into detail about the various types of men, their motives, and all the signs to look for. It is not about what mistakes you make, have made, or will make. It is about what things to look for or recognize. It is a serious look at the dating world for women with a little comedy thrown in to keep you entertained and laughing at times. Here are a couple of quotes to pique your interest.

“Remember, red flags are for traveling carnivals, and if you ignore them, you will be trapped into paying for something that was supposed to be ‘free,’ be stuck watching a crappy show, wind up with a clown who is performing for others, be left with kids you didn’t bring, and be left behind when they leave town.”

“Everyone is usually on mama bear watch when it comes to their kids, but there are just a few things that can be overlooked when interests are piqued by a new person. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad mom or that you are putting someone before your kids. All it means is that the butterflies sometimes obscure your view.”

“While many things look like a green flag, I will be honest and tell you right now that there is no such thing. Well…I mean if an angel came down from heaven and gives you a note directly from God you might consider that a green flag….Or…It could be an alien that is trying to get you to mate with their species to take over the world. I’m just saying that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning while riding a unicorn on the way to cash in your winning lottery ticket.”

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