The Ice Dragon’s Daughter (Book 2 of The Wingsong Trilogy)

The-Ice-Dragons-Daughter-original (1)

Somewhere in the Far North an ancient secret waits to be discovered…

Raised by former pirates, Sam raids pirate ships and rides with dragons. But even living in a valley of dragons and stealing back pirate treasure has become too routine for this young man. His yearning for a quest is fulfilled when he learns of an abandoned dragon’s egg hidden somewhere in the Far North.

Excited and terrified, Sam sets out on his solitary journey. He soon discovers that a dark evil he thought had been conquered is following him, haunting him.

Will Sam find the courage and the magic he needs to overcome the evil one pursuing him, or will the malevolent spirit destroy Sam?

The Ice Dragon’s Daughter is a coming-of-age story complete with shapeshifting, telepathy, sentient spiders, a giant supernatural moose, a tall ship, as well as deep friendships and more.

Purchase this book today if you believe dragons are among the good guys.

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