The Abode (Book 1 of The Wingsong Trilogy)

The Abode

Everything Molly knows is about to change…

As a child of the Abode, Molly spends her life hungry, cold, and silent. She yearns to see the wide world, but the mists encircling the Abode keep her trapped and terrified. Molly’s world begins to shift when the possibility of escape suddenly appears out of the mists.

Molly’s world tilts again when the mists begin to whisper to her of a task she must complete, a leap into darkness. The mists assure her that they will help her, so Molly obeys them but fears the punishment she’ll receive if she’s caught by those who rule the Abode.

What lies in the darkness and why have the mists asked Molly to risk everything to find out?

The Abode is a magical coming-of-age fantasy adventure that encompasses dragons, pirates, an evil brother, and two girls who, together, discover depths of bravery neither knew she possessed. A fantasy adventure for everyone from 8 to 80.

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