Into the Fog of Charon

Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Black and his best friend Quincy Miller are the MVPs in a historic, small-town basketball game against the Lancers of Loganville in North Carolina. Their sights are set on winning the game and hanging out with friends before they head off to college in the fall. Danielle Davis and her fellow cheerleaders watch … More Into the Fog of Charon

I Know it’s Daytime

Anabelle Fleming is starting her first day of high school, but for her it’s a different first day. She’s moved to the small town of Pinewood, Colorado, because her mother, famous writer of thrillers, divorced her father, front man for a monstrously successful rock band. To top it all off, Anabelle hallucinates. She has visions that … More I Know it’s Daytime

The Meld: Magic Please

The Meld, an otherworldly group of six, has gathered in the past millennium to bestow gifts on the most interesting of all populations: adolescents. The Meld members comprise a yin/yang of deadly behaviors which qualified their membership: half took lives for noble reasons, half for selfish ones. They completed their circle with Delilah Mackley in … More The Meld: Magic Please

Joshua Grant

Joshua Grant is a self proclaimed Bond villain and a thousandaire philanthropist (like a billionaire philanthropist, just with a lot less money).  He has survived a flash flood, encountered numerous bears, and sailed the ocean blue.  Josh loves to read, write, play video games, and occasionally read up on the crazy science that’s happening in … More Joshua Grant