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Joshua Grant is a self proclaimed Bond villain and a thousandaire philanthropist (like a billionaire philanthropist, just with a lot less money).  He has survived a flash flood, encountered numerous bears, and sailed the ocean blue.  Josh loves to read, write, play video games, and occasionally read up on the crazy science that’s happening in the world, but most of all he loves just getting people together to love, laugh, and grow alongside each other.  Currently, Josh makes a living teaching and working with kids in various environments, with the occasional novel always in the works.  To learn about his work, click on the Publications page (or the links below).

 Another Zombie Apocalypse: Volume 1


The Fifth Ascendant (The Ascendants #1)

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Pandora (The Organization #1)


Jericho (The Organization #2)


Nexus (The Hollow Men #1)


Silly Tales from Albanon


The Lost Boy Episode 1: Pan

Cover Final Fnal

The Lost Boy Episode 2: Neverland

Cover Ebook

The Lost Boy Episode 3: Wendy and Tink


The Lost Boy Episode 4: The Thimble and the Prick


The Lost Boy Episode 5: Shadows


The Lost Boy Episode 6: Tick Tock

One thought on “Joshua Grant

  1. If I were to describe Joshua Grant’s novel PANDORA in one line it would be: the movie ALIENS enacted on a cruise ship.

    A cruise ship suddenly goes missing and then reappears one week later. All attempts to contact the ship fail and the ship’s owner dispatches his own security team ostensibly to see what’s happening before governments and the military takeover the investigation. The investigating security team knows not only that something is seriously wrong with the ship, but also that the investigation itself is being handled in a completely unorthodox manner. However, the ship’s owner, Carver, understands exactly how to manipulate each member of the team to keep them on mission despite their serious misgivings. He also seems to have enough influence to keep normal modes of disaster investigation at bay.

    This book delivers nonstop action in frightening detail, with surprises at every turn. As readers we explore the devastated ship with the team as they suffer terrible casualties. Having traveled on several cruises, the layout was eerily reminiscent of my own trips (except for the massive destruction of course) and that bizarre warping of a familiar and pleasant memory only added to the impact and terror.

    Grant is an excellent storyteller and the plot is well thought out. The fine descriptions put me into the midst of the action and kept me reading.For my part, I found the coarse language jarring and distracting, but I realize for many readers this would make the tense, life-threatening scenes more realistic.

    In summary, if you like Science Fiction that blends with Horror, then I think you will like this book.

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