I Know it’s Daytime


Anabelle Fleming is starting her first day of high school, but for her it’s a different first day. She’s moved to the small town of Pinewood, Colorado, because her mother, famous writer of thrillers, divorced her father, front man for a monstrously successful rock band. To top it all off, Anabelle hallucinates. She has visions that reflect her anxiety from all these lifestyle changes, plus she sees objects surrounding her friends and family that seem to relate directly to them—butterflies, bubbles, bruise-like auras. Fangs.

Anabelle thinks she’s insane.

All Anabelle wants is an average life with a happy little nuclear family and a normal high school existence, but her visions pull her into intrigue, mystery, and more than a little conflict—finally prompting a discovery that being happy is more about living with what you have than projecting what you wish.

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