Slaves of the Sword and Wand


~~A bloody bid for freedom in a world of swords and magic.~~

From the age of seven, Dunstan has been enslaved in the army of Thursley. After thirty years in the fire of constant warfare, he has been forged into an unbreakable warrior.

Oswynn is the property of the Sisters of the Withered Branch, the order of witches who serve the earls of Thursley. Brighter and more gifted than her fellows, she yearns for so much more.

Hand-in-hand together, they will risk it all and ask the question: can one man and one woman really stand against the traditions of hatred and break the chains of bondage, or are they doomed to forever be… Slaves of the Sword and Wand?

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Slaves of the Sword and Wand:

“An exciting, original story! …One of my favorite authors.”

“Interesting in all the best ways… The kind of book that rewards careful reading.”

“This story is terrific! …I’m looking forward to book two.”

Discover Joel Newlon’s newest fantasy epic, a breathtaking saga of found family, quests into magical realms, and bloody battles for freedom.

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