The Ghost of Annie Gray


Rejoin the otherworldly adventures of Danny Hallow and his friends in this exciting sequel to Witchbone: The Goblin’s Winter.

Danzellan Hallow is enjoying the best summer of his life.

His new town of Eddystone has beaches, boardwalks, and woods to explore, and for the first time in his life he has friends to really enjoy things with. Danny, Ezra, Ellie, Unwen and Church are making the most of their free time, before summer ends and school begins…

Only a couple of little concerns can get Danny down. His health has been sketchy since the events of the previous winter, his alien abilities are unpredictable and constantly misfiring, and the rotten Vulpey kids are determined to ruin their fun.

Most unnervingly, a tourist girl named Annie Gray has gone missing, and what seems to be her ghost is harassing Danny. She’s invaded his attic, angry and torn, desperate for help. Annie insists she’s not dead at all, just kidnapped, and needs help escaping from the mad little monsters that have taken her away to somewhere far beyond Eddystone.

Can Danny and his friends locate and rescue Annie before it’s too late for her to come home in one piece?

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