The Body Stealers


It’s a wild October in Eddystone, and Danny Hallow is looking forward to his favorite holiday- Halloween- and the first dual birthday celebrated with his cousin Ezra since they were four years old. Except Ezra isn’t thrilled at the prospect of celebrating their birthday for reasons he can’t, or won’t, explain, and troubling dreams plague them both the closer they get to October 31st.

To further dampen Danny’s enjoyment of the season, the dreaded Mr. Kaz is now teaching seventh grade math, and Maren “Wolf” Valkucek has moved back into Dr. V’s old house with two odd nieces in tow.

Worst of all, it turns out that Opal Vulpey returned from their misadventure the previous summer with some unexpected hitchhikers, creatures that stowed away in her skin. Creatures that have the ability to nest inside living people and make them do their bidding. Creatures that are determined to adapt to their new environment by any means necessary.

Can Danny and his team of monster hunters stop the body stealers before they take over Eddystone…and the world beyond?

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