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Crystal moved from Pennsylvania to live in central Florida with her mom, best friend and fur-kids. She can often be found eating a plant based meal while carrying around her mealworm craving sugar gliders KIKI and LUCY! Her chihuahua Walter is the real life muse for the mood changing Pink and Purple Bob in her first book. Walter is a toy loving, window sill hogging, temperamental little pup! However, his personality really makes him shine! There is no one quite like him, and he is the heart of the family. Her mom is the muse of the devoted little mouse in her first book as well. Just like mom, the mouse spends all her time trying to make Pink and Purple Bob happy and finally succeeds!

Crystal always felt like an odd duckling growing up. She hopes to help her readers embrace who they are along with others and their differences. Being different is what makes us special and unique! She also hopes to help build stronger bonds between friends and family because good friends are hard to find and family means home.

This writer and illustrator enjoys entertaining her readers with unusual story plots that have surprising and delightful endings. She is currently working on her second Pink and Purple Bob book along with a magical adventure book seperate from the Pink and Purple Bob world. If you’re a fan of her work, please stay tuned…there are greater surprises and adventures to be found!

Crystal is also the cover artist for another inspiring children’s book called “A DOG’S KISS” by Matt Wanicur. This book is for ages 7 to 13. It’s about a boy struggling with being bullied at school, who seeks comfort from his loyal dog Sammy Jo.

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