The Goblin’s Winter


A new paranormal adventure series for ages 10+, for fans of Stranger Things, Harry Potter, and Spiderwick

“A riveting great read and the first volume of author Alex Norton’s new ‘Witchbone’ series, “The Goblin’s Winter” showcases a master of the fantasy action/adventure novel who has a genuine flair for originality and a thoroughly reader engaging narrative storytelling style. Unreservedly recommended…” – Midwest Book Review

Eleven-year-old Danny Hallow accepts his life, such as it is. His father is dead, his mother is gone. His three Keepers are the only people aware of Danny’s erratic and not-very-impressive psychic powers. He has no friends, his room is disorganized and his grades are terrible.

When his uncle dies under mysterious circumstances Danny and his Keepers are called to the town of Eddystone for the reading of the man’s will, and everything begins to change for Danny.

Arriving at the crumbling estate of Gnomewood Home, he falls into the weird web of his ancestor’s secrets and begins to question everything he thought he knew. Disturbing memories come to him in dreams. His psychic abilities begin to grow stronger. Strangest of all, a horde of cryptic creatures is plaguing the town of Eddystone, seemingly drawn out by the spell of an unusually cold February. Toothy little goblins that are sneaky, vicious and hungry. Goblins that take an interest in Danny.

Will the emergence of the alien, and potentially dangerous, traits he’s inherited from his peculiar family tree help Danny survive a goblin infested winter, attempts to befriend the town’s most feared bully, and the sixth grade?

Only if he learns to control them before they put him and everyone around him in danger. Before they convince some people he should never have been allowed to exist. Before he becomes just another twisted tale in his family’s bizarre history, kept hidden for centuries within the walls of Gnomewood Home.

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