Personal Pronouns


Personal Pronouns is a mystery novel with suspenseful action and crisp dialogue like the classic PI novels of Robert B. Parker. The main character of this mystery, Joe Lehrer, is an amateur sleuth with faith and romance issues, reminiscent of Sydney Chambers in the traditional British amateur sleuth series, the Grantchester Mysteries.

Lehrer blames himself for the death of his wife who was killed in an automobile accident. With the help of his teacher friends and his own dubious faith, he manages to cope with it all until a student dies suspiciously. He launches into a private investigation and discovers a far-ranging conspiracy in suburban Stradford. Local politicians are conspiring to cover up several murders, a prostitution ring and other crimes.

From his investigation Joe realizes he can avenge one murder, but becoming a vigilante means becoming a killer. He must ask himself if vigilante justice will bring him peace or result in his demise. The reader must answer a similar question: Would you kill the man who killed your wife?

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