Indirect Objects


Joe Lehrer and Lexan Warner’s lives appear as perfect as suburban Stradford where they teach. He is hailed a hero for thwarting a child abuse conspiracy. She has finally found security in a man who loves her. But retaliation and the violent opioid crisis overwhelm the community and force them to question their relationship and their very identities.

Indirect Objects is an clever mystery. Joe Lehrer faces danger with the ethical center of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar. Lexan Warner’s nightmare-like childhood reminds readers of the crime fighting protagonist in Melinda Leigh’s Cross Her Heart
Corrupt local politicians believe Joe is neither a hero nor the Avenging Angel. As he struggles to live with his blackmail power, they force him to struggle for his very life. Lexan’s battle is with the drug cartel and within herself; while saving her students, she must decide whether love is worth revealing the dark secrets of her past.

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