Sky Fighters Part VI


At the end of 2005, the Python Demons made a surprise appearance and ended up gate-crashing the Sky Fighters’ ROYAL Confrontation Tournament. As a result of this, Master Mantecado and Sky Queen Crunchazora XIX instigated what became known as the Split of 2005. All Sky Fighters and their own respective Sky Sailors plus their closest comrades were forced to abandon the tournament. From there, they split apart from each other; everyone traveled to a different world. Their intention was to trick the Python Demons into believing they were disbanding. But even as a few of them remained on Earth; all of them trained in secret, harder than they ever have before…Now, more than 2 years later, in January of 2008, Gregoroth crosses paths with Rehn, AKA Henry Crawford. After a slightly-tense reunion, they decide to have one more Coliseum Battle. Thus, the Split comes to an end. Unfortunately for them, the Python Demons have not forgotten about any of the Sky Fighters. They’re stronger and smarter than ever now! After the Python Demons and the Next Step Party boldly attack the Sky Fighters, they discover their foes are keeping a shocking secret! The Sky Fighters have their own secret plan, however. Now, the Sky Fighters will have to act fast by outwitting their foes, while putting their plan into action. If they have any hopes of at least defeating the Python Demons, they’ll have to settle their differences with one another and work together as teams in tandem. But…How long will they last against enemies who are quickly adapting to their newfound tactics…?

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