Sky Fighters Part VII


Three powerful, high-level Sky Fighters are missing in action! Their literal fall happens just after a series of rather tough battles against their ever-relentless foes, the Python Demons. Their army grew a lot stronger after they struck a deal with Lucifer. And though the Sky Fighters were able to thin the Python Demons’ ranks once more, this time around, the Sky Fighters were pushed almost to their limits.

Knowing their sworn enemies won’t be attacking them again, at least for a while, three of the Sky Sailors head back to their home to rest. Among them is Julian Spencer, AKA Traductus Of The Present, Damian Spencer, AKA Traductus Of The Future, and Jonathan Spencer, AKA Traductus Of The Past. Their youngest brother, Sebastian has gone with Rehn’s Mom, the Sky Queen, to search for and rescue her son as soon as possible.

In a new spin of the original series, while also being counted as part of the original series, Secrets of the Past is crafted into three short stories, revolving around the three missing Sky Fighters. Each one is told by one of the Traductus Brothers, while they nervously await for news regarding them. This will serve to bridge the gap after the Split of 2005.

The first tale hones in on one Jose Patalano, who has been tasked by one of the Sky Fighters Champions to use a legendary weapon to recover an artifact which has been stolen by the Python Demons. Along the way, he manages to recover another artifact. From there, the focus shifts to Gregoroth Rushenido, who must use another ancient, powerful weapon to find another stolen artifact. But how can he do so if the weapon is also missing? Finally, Rehn is entrusted with the last ancient weapon which will no doubt help him locate the final artifact.

Each of these Earthly artifacts is capable of having its internal energy harnessed in order to create three new, all-powerful Sky Fighter Attacks! Will they be successful? How will these relics help them be created? And just what are these Attacks anyway? The answers to these questions and more lie within this novel!

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