Sky Fighters Part V


After four years of many tough battles and several close calls, the Sky Fighters and Sky Fighter Champions have achieved peace at long last! But something’s amiss…Right after Gregoroth has a dream one late-January morning, he finds out Rehn is missing, presumed dead! Gregoroth’s older brother Mantecado hastily leaves on some business, leaving Gregoroth to find out Rehn’s fate.

And if this wasn’t harrowing enough, two sacred artifacts are stolen by a couple thieves, who call themselves the Anti-Sky Fighters! Who are they? What do they want with a couple of ancient artifacts, anyway? It will be up to the Sky Fighter Champions to join forces once more with each other and their Sky Fighter Brethren and advance to the next level in the process.

And speaking of unsolved mysteries, two of the original Sky Fighter Leaders are also missing in action, and have been for several years running! What has become of them? Can anyone find out if they’re okay? How long will the peace truly last…?

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