Tesoro III


“Adventure, mystery, and some romance made for a series that was a lot of fun.” -Kindle Customer

“This was my favorite of the Tesoro books. It ties the entire story together very well. Daphne’s development was a lot of fun to follow. I also enjoyed following Johnny’s life. There is a satisfying feeling of closure with this book.” -Kindle Customer

It has been a few years since Johnny was tragically forced away from his true love, Delia Laven. His grandfather has died and he is now the captain of the Tesoro crew. The years that he has spent away from Delia have made him cold. He never stopped loving her, and he is determined to make some drastic changes so he can finally find her. And he is going to need Elliot’s help.

Johnny Higgins has directed Daphne Bleau and the others to the beautiful island of Bora Bora. Though the scenery is mesmerizing, and everyone is excited to be there, Daphne has a feeling that this part of the trip is going to be even more dangerous than their previous travels to Italy and England.

Along the way, Daphne and the others find out about Mikey’s romantic past with an antique store owner by the name of April Zedler who lives on the island. Daphne cannot help but wonder about the pieces of Mikey’s past that he has not revealed. But things end up taking a wrong turn when Harold and his teammates come back…and now they are after April. During their explorations, a young girl with a mysterious past helps them uncover something very important…Johnny’s lost records and the answers to all of their questions about his past.

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