The Tesoro Series: A Short Story


“I read this short story in less than an hour. I loved every minute of it and I didn’t want to put the book down. As I was reading Bailey’s story I couldn’t help but put myself back into school, remembering those feelings of anger, anxiousness, happiness, relief when doing an assignment. I believe everyone has one of those teachers that make it hard to pass the class, but that didn’t stop Bailey from achieving her passing grade to get her degree. This was an adventure that I would love to go on, although I hate heights and would be afraid to climb the tree, I admire her passion! If you like adventure, I recommend all of these books, each of them bring different insight to the series and this just proves how great of a writer Andrea really is.” -Jaqueline Wiles, Author

“This is a satisfying short story. It sets up the series without giving too much away. This short story has it’s own complete story arc. It also provides a good introduction into the personalities of two main characters in the series. While not being necessary to understand the rest of the series, it does add depth to the story.” -Kindle Customer

This short story is a prequel to The Tesoro Series by Andrea Hintz. After having an outburst in Dr. Zarzuela’s boring college history class, Bailey Grant has been kicked out and must redeem herself by creating a research paper so interesting and incredible, even Dr. Zarzuela would have to give it a passing C. Bailey, Daphne, and a group of college friends must take a camping trip out to the Abbott Central Mountains in order to uncover the first clue of Tesoro, a treasure hunt so incredible and interesting that maybe even Dr. Zarzuela will give her a second chance…

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