Tesoro II


“I really enjoyed going along with Daphne and her group in this adventure series. It was fun to follow the character’s development and the way in which their relationships deepened over the course of the series.” -Kindle Customer

“Great Disneyland adventure type book.” -John Bradley, Book Lover

Captain Johnny Higgins has directed Daphne Bleau and her team members to go to England to search for the second part of the Tesoro treasures. They discover a journal which contains entries written by the captain himself, who reveals bits and pieces of his strange past and leaves Daphne with a lot of questions about where he came from. But after leaving the journal unattended in their van, the precious book gets stolen by their devious competitors who have made a sudden comeback, and Daphne discovers that the journal itself contains the vital information that was supposed to decode their current clue. They cannot move on without it, and their competitors now have the information they need to get ahead. Mikey no longer wants to search for Tesoro and Daphne is trying to convince him to rejoin their team. Jack seems to be troubled by something, and every time Daphne gets the chance to talk to him about it, they are interrupted. Bailey is now in a relationship with Trent, who decides to surprise her and join in on the search. And to make matters more complicated, an irritable and unpredictable teenager has recently joined their team, and they are obligated to keep him safe amongst the dangers that lie ahead.

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