Secrets of the Valley


The hunt is over. Commander Thorne and his Warriors barely escaped the Old Sequoia Valley with their lives. But Thorne will soon find out that his troubles have only just begun. The Peton Elders are hiding something. Can Thorne trust his Warriors? Can he trust his own father? With winter on the horizon, Thorne must choose between his clan and his soulmate.

Ravyn has disappeared into the treacherous Valley. Laelynn has been captured by General Wolfe and Ravyn must do all she can to save her. Journeying through the Old Sequoia Valley, Ravyn is terrified of being held prisoner again and her worst enemy continues to haunt her dreams. But things are bound to change as she draws closer to her home clan, Terran.

Too many lies have been told.
There are too many secrets.
Will the truth be enough to save them all or will it only get them killed?

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One thought on “Secrets of the Valley

  1. 5 stars for Secrets!!

    What a GREAT sequel… Let me just start with that…

    Hunted in the Valley introduced us to Ravyn and Thorne, two young warriors of different clans with intriguing pasts. Fate would inevitably bring them together and the threat of their future and their country would intertwine them forever…

    In Secrets, the plot thickens. The stakes are higher. Secrets are revealed. Betrayal abounds.

    Ravyn loyally journeys back to the place of her nightmares to save a friend. Thorne is forced into making difficult decisions and must return to the Valley where dangers of all kinds lurk in order to seek out Ravyn. I won’t give anything away because I hate spoilers myself, but this sequel had it all- non-stop twists, turns, action, drama and suspense.

    I loved getting to go to Peton, Thorne’s village, and meet Thorne’s family. His sisters are as endearing and lovable as he is. I also enjoyed getting to meet Ravyn’s sister, Camellia, too. A whole new side of tough girl Ravyn is revealed and the story of her escape from Terran is seen from a new perspective.

    I loved the character development and getting to learn more about each main character as the story progressed. I was intrigued, surprised and couldn’t stop turning the page to see what was coming next.

    If you haven’t started this series yet, get it today. You’re going to LOVE it and be as excited as I am for book 3!

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