Dale E Lehman


Dale E. Lehman writes mystery, science fiction, and occasional nonfiction. His Howard County Mystery series, set in Howard County, Maryland, includes “The Fibonacci Murders,” “True Death,” and “Ice on the Bay.” His fourth Howard County Mystery is in the works, along with a science fiction/humor novel about a hapless opera company trying to make it in the outer reaches of the solar system and a crime/humor novel about a husband and wife team of thieves.

A veteran software developer, amateur astronomer, bonsai artist in training, and member of the Baha’i Faith, his writing has appeared in “Sky & Telescope” magazine, a couple of technical journals, and on his own website Planet Baha’i (which went into retirement, lost its memory, and has now been resurrected as a not very active blog). With his Catholic wife, he owns and operates One Voice Press, a small religious press, and its fiction imprint Serpent Cliff. In his “spare time” (ha ha) he facilitates a small creative writing workshop for local authors.


Space Operatic


The Fibonacci Murders


True Death


Ice on the Bay


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