Hunted in the Valley


At age sixteen, Ravyn has been running all her life. First, from her home and family in Terran, then from General Wolfe, who wants, more than anything, to exploit her biggest secret. Escaping into the infamous Old Sequoia Valley, Ravyn cannot trust anyone. She mustn’t seek friendship. She can’t allow herself to grow close to anyone.

But then Ravyn meets Thorne, a young commander from a different clan. He and his Warriors have travelled into the Old Sequoia Valley to rescue castaways. Though Ravyn tries to keep her distance, they are inescapably drawn to each other.

When Thorne discovers Ravyn’s secret, can she overcome her demons and learn to trust again or will she spend her life forever on the run?

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One thought on “Hunted in the Valley

  1. 5 Stars for Hunted

    What a great read!

    This is a well-written dystopian YA novel that draws the reader in from the first page.

    It follows a young girl, Ravyn, in her quest to seek refuge from an evil man, General Wolfe, and his army of soldiers who are aimed at bringing her back to the compound she’s escaped from.

    There’s action from the very beginning and it spins into a heart-pounding ride as Ravyn is hunted in the Old Sequoia Valley by more than just these brain-washed barbarians. She crosses paths with a Warrior, Commander Thorne, from a tribe called Peton, and he’s quickly taken with the fascinating Ravyn- for there’s more to this girl than meets the eye.

    Thorne, in turn, has an interesting past of his own and the two of them soon join forces against the menacing hunters. From there, it’s a race against evil as they fight to escape the clutches of both the minions of General Wolfe AND the vicious creatures of the valley.

    This book had it all- intrigue, suspense, action and romance. It was captivating, exciting and had me up long past my bedtime to see what was going to happen next.

    I’m eager to see what happens in the next book of the series!

    Get yourself and a friend a copy today. C.R. Pugh doesn’t disappoint!

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