C.R. Pugh


C.R. Pugh grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated high school. After graduating college she moved to Texas and began her teaching career. Ms. Pugh never imagined becoming a writer and, in fact, hated most of her literature classes growing up!

It was the growing popularity of Harry Potter and, later on, Hunger Games that drew Ms. Pugh back into the world of fiction. Living in the North Dallas area, Pugh began working at a middle school with a fabulous library (and a wonderful librarian **my book-dealer**).  Pugh was well-supplied with books that she just devoured.

It was there at that particular middle school, while teaching full time, that she began tinkering with the idea of writing her own work of fiction. Pugh’s debut novel, Hunted in the Valley was published August 2018. The sequel came out February 2019. Book 3 (title TBD) is on track to be released November 2019.

C.R. Pugh is now a full time stay at home mom and writer. She loves being involved at her daughter’s elementary school. Other hobbies include reading (of course),running long distance, binge-watching NCIS, and making Friends jokes about anything and everything!


Hunted in the Valley


Secrets of the Valley


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