The Purpose of Life: To Love and to Create

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life: To Love and To Create, is an exploration of the purpose and meaning of life.

What we need to give meaning and purpose to our lives is also what we need to solve the global crises and challenges: Love and Creativity.

The more we infuse love and creativity into our lives the more fulfilled we are and the more meaning our lives have. On a global scale be it world hunger, climate change, war, environmental damage, diseases, and economic turmoil the underpinning of solving these problems is love and creativity.

There are two aspects of the book. First, a strong argument for why love and creativity are the purposes of life, and second, an exploration of love and creativity.

The book challenges you to delve into and explore love and creativity. Is love an emotion or something more wondrous? Is it love if it is not unconditional? Virtually everyone mouths the words ‘I love you’ every day, but do we really, really embrace and understand love and all of its dimensions? Sure, almost everyone will agree that love and creativity are admirable and important, but do we appreciate our vital need to both create and love?

If you have laid awake wondering: Why are we here? What is our individual purpose? What constitutes making life meaningful in the vast expanse of time? Does what we do matter?

The book has a response to those questions. Those answers are augmented and supported by quotes from religious leaders, physicists, astronomers, philosophers, artists and everyday people.

Also, the book also does not ignore the paradoxes that confront us or the inevitable tragedies and losses we all must face.

The book presents a powerful case for why you matter and what you can do to inject more meaning and purpose into your life.

It is a positive antidote for the gloom and nihilism that surrounds us.

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