Re-Write employs practical strategies using evidence-based methodologies with psychological theory within a human-centered design framework. Not long ago, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management were the mainstays for trauma-informed care. Now more than ever, patients and clinicians alike are seeking deeper, more somatic, and holistic attachment theory-based forms of treatment to re-write the trauma narrative, … More Re-Write

Positive Vision

A rollicking, rambling ripper of a read. Great for anyone who likes adventure, humor, memoirs, and a bit of inspiration. An adventure and humor filled journey that includes: being dragged by galloping horses in Montana, helping firefighters combat an arson blaze, captaining his university parachuting team, and a long convoluted successful chase of a thief … More Positive Vision

The Perfect Day

This book is a comprehensive guide on how to increase productivity and manage your time effectively. The chapters cover a variety of topics, including taking regular breaks, staying hydrated, maintaining a positive attitude, setting realistic goals, practicing good communication, staying physically active, and taking care of personal needs. The information provided in this book is … More The Perfect Day

701 Life Lessons

Unlock the power of life lessons and transform your perspective with 701 Life Lessons – the inspiring self-help book that will help you achieve your dreams. Overcome challenges and find your unique role in the world. Learn from life’s experiences, lower prejudice and judgment, and empower your greatest self in this chaotic world. … More 701 Life Lessons