Scaevola’s Triumph Review


Scaevola’s Triumph

Ian Miller

Ian Miller brings us a thought-provoking sci fi epic with Scaevola’s Triumph!  Three Romans have been abducted and brought to live in an advanced alien civilization.  In addition to having to figure out how to live in a civilization that is extremely advanced and has telepathy built into their day to day lives, the Romans must also find a way to help the aliens defeat a vastly superior foe.  Miller’s writing is always filled with many ‘aha’ moments, and it was intriguing seeing the rough integration of ancient Roman traditions into a highly advanced culture.  Miller even thought of every day things like how to open a door when a society does this with their mind.  I was pleasantly reminded of my days reading Heinlein and Asimov here!  Miller does a great deal of world and character building which pays off in dividends in the book’s second act as we see how each characters’ growth and struggles affect the overall war.  Ian Miller has created classic sci fi at its finest, and I hope more people come to witness Scaevola’s Triumph!

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