The Crimson Universe Review


The Crimson Universe

Sean Robins

Sean Robins ups the odds with the latest installment in his epic sci fi action series The Crimson Universe!  Fighter pilot Jim has bested grave threats before from AI to interdimensional beings, but now he must fight an enemy far beyond any he’s faced before.  A godlike alien race has been pulling the strings up to this point, but now they’ve stepped into the light and are bent on ruling the galaxy.  Robins’ writing is always imaginative and captures my attention immediately through his perfect blend of action, likeable characters, and intriguing twists!  The Crimson Universe really brought things to a new level, though, as protagonist Jim had to come up with a way to fight beings that were truly gods and could destroy planets by simply willing it.  How he did this is what really drew me into the book and made things intense (I love a good David versus Goliath story)!  If you love sci fi that has a perfect blend of action, character, and universe lore, then definitely come jump into the fray with The Crimson Universe!

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