Laws of Weight Loss Review


Laws of Weight Loss

Daniel Mora

Daniel Mora comes back to us with another wonderful healthy weight loss guide with Laws of Weight Loss!  This guide is separated into numerous easy-to-read sections that cover everything from meal plans to exercise, to even social media, but what I thought was really cool about it was the focus on personalized plans.  Mora acknowledges that healthy weight loss is different for each individual and offers a variety of ways people can approach that challenge.  Mora approaches this through different categories like physiological (cravings, metabolism), psychological (telling yourself you have the ability to lose weight, or analyzing what healthy weight loss looks like), and lifestyle (whether you like exercise or not, finding meals that work with your schedule).  Each section comes with great quotes, nicely organized lists, and even some nice samples of things like meal plans.  The thing I appreciate most about Mora’s work, though, is his emphasis on healthy ways to lose weight and his care for people’s dignity and self image.  If you’re looking for a nice healthy weight loss guide, or even if you’re just looking for a nice guide to healthier living through exercise or meal planning, definitely come check out Laws of Weight Loss!

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