No Subscription Required Review


No Subscription Required

A.C. Hamilton

A.C. Hamilton brings us some neat tricks to be able to watch the majority of television programs without paying an arm and a leg (that are free and legal) with No Subscription Required!  Hamilton always has some wonderful insights into the latest technologies, and I appreciate how they make these tips and tricks easy to digest for people backwards in tech such as myself!  No Subscription Required is broken down into nice sections that walk you through setting up your TV to be able to stream most content for free.  Hamilton does a great job walking readers through this with nice charts and pictures, but the thing I appreciate most is that Hamilton takes a lot of time and effort to show what is legal and what is illegal, additionally taking the care to show readers how to protect their privacy, stay legal, and improve their viewing experience (and all of this for free).  For someone that has like a gazillion streaming services (which I don’t even use that much), this was a really cool and useful guide.  If you aspire to become a professional couch potato like me, or you’d like to save a bit of money while still having access to great entertainment, definitely dive into the clever mind of Hamilton with No Subscription Required!

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