Shadows Fall

KINDLE - Shadows Fall 27 Sept 2021


This all happened before, and everything ended. Six attempts gone – one attempt remains.

My mother, Catriona, is finally ready to unlock the secrets of her staff. Mandalee, the cleric of Light, has vowed to protect her. The machinations of the sorceress, Dreya the Dark, span three worlds, but even that may not be enough.
The final battle of the shadow warriors is upon them. Heaven’s Surrender will be used and the only thing that might protect the world is a Wish. Together, Cat and her friends, Light and Dark, must become the Guardians of Time & Magic and intervene. This time, before it’s too late.

On the eve of war, my plan unfolds, bringing my father a thousand years into the future. For the end of this war is not the Salvation of Tempestria, but the beginning of something worse and unless he can help me, it will mean the end of the world…again.

This is the story of The Salvation of Tempestria, as told by an immortal girl from the future using an Illegal Time Intervention to save the world…or possibly end it.

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