The Widow’s Wall Review


The Widow’s Wall

Rose Walken

Rose Walken mixes love and suspense in the newest installment to her spy thriller series The Widow’s Wall!  Liz has been targeted and, of all the people, David is sent to protect her.  Now, in addition to threats on her life, she must contend with a relationship on the rocks.  Walken does a wonderful job of balancing humor, spy intrigue, and romance in this twisting book!  I really loved Liz and David’s dynamic, both in the honesty of it (their relationship hit some major snags in the previous book), but also in the romantic tension and hope for their future.  This book was a lot of fun, filled with many great twists (both in the romance and the spy side of the story).  If you love a good romance set within a larger story with characters that are both realistic but also heartwarming, definitely come get a bodyguard with The Widow’s Wall!

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