Nanomorphosis Review



Marla Anderson

Marla Anderson brings us tense sci fi and worldbuilding at its finest with NanoMorphosis!  Two men are pitted against each other as they compete to lead humanity and gain the resources they need to help human kind.  Daniel Walker was scarred by an encounter with a heartless alien species, but now seeks to lead ACES in order to help humanity find salvation on a new planet.  Cadmon Dhyre was also scarred, but from a deadly disease that he seeks leadership in ACES in order to cure.  But when Cadmon is snubbed, the two become bitter rivals locked in a dangerous battle that could bring doom to human kind.  This book is complicated in the best way, and I love how deep Anderson makes the characters and the world!  This is a world that feels very real, and the character dynamic is absolutely fantastic in both the heroes and the villains.  If you love hard sci fi that’s also a swift read, especially one with well-rounded and engrossing characters, definitely come tinker with some technology in NanoMorphosis!

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