Gathering Storm Review


Gathering Storm

Gary Stringer

Gary Stringer lets us dive deeper into a world of magic, sci fi, and time meddling with Gathering Storm!  When investigating the disappearance of a friend, Catriona comes across the shadow warrior Daelen.  Cat convinces Daelen to take her to another world to train her, but both have secret motivations that lead them to manipulate one another in a sort of tense dance.  This is made more complicated as a war forces them to form a tenuous partnership.  In the first book, the story is delivered through time-tampering Arshes in a series of short stories (all covered with Arshes fun commentary).  This one takes a deeper and more focused look at Cat and Daelen, which was a lot of fun since their dynamic and tension between them was very engrossing!  I also loved getting to dive deeper into the series’ interesting lore and peel back a bit of the mystery with the temporal meddling.  If you’re looking for a good time travel story set in a sci fi/fantasy world populated with great characters and lore, definitely come prepare for battle with Gathering Storm!

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