The Owl-Headed Wand Review


The Owl-Headed Wand

Daniel Peyton

Daniel Peyton draws us into the magical world of Yohan with an epic, tense, and heartwarming adventure in The Owl-Headed Wand!  As an orphan, young James knows he has few prospects of a bright future since orphans are never taken in as apprentices.  But James is surprised when a wand-making master welcomes him under his tutelage.  This all changes, however, as a revolution breaks out and James’ master disappears, leaving James to embark on a perilous journey to find him and unlock the secrets of the Owl-Headed Wand.  Peyton is a master of driving a meaningful and intriguing story with a great character you can connect with!  I really felt for James along the way and worried for him as the world darkened around him.  This one is also packed with some great lore and a twisting mystery that really pulled me quickly along the journey.  If you love fantasy ‘journey’ books, both a physical journey and seeing a character deepen over time, definitely come don some magic spells with The Owl-Headed Wand!

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