The Middling Affliction Review

The Middling Affliction

Alex Shvartsman

Alex Shvartsman throws us into a reimagining of a Brooklyn filled with monsters and magic with the epic and fun fantasy romp The Middling Affliction!  Conrad Brent is one of a minority of humans that has manifested magical powers.  Working as a private detective and monster slayer, he attempts to save the citizens of Brooklyn from a sinister and growing threat.  Shvartsman builds a really fun world that blends the best parts of fantasy with a sort of noir feel, and it all instantly feels very real and lived in!  The lore of the world and twisting plot are excellent, but I also really enjoyed how Conrad doesn’t entirely take himself too seriously, throwing out some fun one-liners along the way.  If you love superhero stories, monster-slaying, or noir detective books, definitely conjure up a charm and roll out those gumshoes with The Middling Affliction!

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