The Blue, Red Lyrae Review


The Blue, Red Lyrae

Mehreen Ahmed

Mehreen Ahmed puts us in the middle of two beautiful novella stories that orbit one another with The Blue, Red Lyrae!  Never one to shy away from poetic depth and meaning, Ahmed’s stories are themselves a metaphor to the constellations that dance with one another in the night sky.  Her writing is as beautiful and vivid as always.  It was written in a sort of stream of consciousness style which I really enjoyed in this case!  I really loved diving into Rhonda’s thoughts and felt like I was right there with her in the moment (some of those moments steamy, so many others touching and meaningful)!  Seeing that beauty with Rhonda as she feels, but also struggles in her romantic life, was incredibly deep and leaves you thinking.  And jumping onto the other story and seeing a darker and colder struggle was an interesting opposing foil.  If you’re looking for a novel that will pull your emotions in different directions, definitely come spend some time with The Blue, Red Lyrae!

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