The Meld: Magic, Please Review


The Meld: Magic, Please

Kelley Kay Bowles

Kelley Kay Bowles wows us with a fascinating YA urban fantasy that examines the danger of possessing godlike powers with The Meld: Magic, Please!  Millie Mahoney is a typical teenager going through high school when her life is turned upside down in more ways than one.  Tragedy strikes as she loses her mother, but then The Meld, a powerful group of six, gives Millie the ability to turn her words into reality, an ability she must decide whether to use for good or evil.  Kelley Kay Bowles always manages to pack both fun and depth into her stories, and The Meld doesn’t disappoint!  It was fun seeing how Millie could suddenly use her infinite powers to alter reality, and equally tragic and heartwrenching to see her have to refrain from using them to bring her mother back.  This was a book about life and loss, order and chaos, and especially moving from the past to the future, and I definitely walked away with a great swell of feelings.  If you love YA fantasy packed with great lore and emotion, definitely come rewrite reality with The Meld!

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