The Furnace Review


The Furnace

Prentis Rollins

Prentis Rollins brings us into a darker future with the visually stunning dystopian graphic novel The Furnace!  Walton Honderich assists in a government experiment on prisoners that leads to the death of his friend Marc Lepore and the increased power of an oppressive regime.  Now, years later, we hear the truth of Walton’s past and what really happened to Marc.  Rollins is a master story teller both in his dialogue and the use of stark imagery to build this claustrophobic surveillance state world.  It was beautiful to look at, but also sad and deep as I read the terrible fate of both Honderich and Lepore.  This was a deep exploration of what humanity can become if we allow technology without ethical considerations become irrevocably intwined with our government and day to day lives.  I loved the depth, the feel of classics like 1984, and the incredible art!  If you love sci fi that challenges you to think and leaves your brain chewing on morality long after putting it down, and especially if you love comics, definitely come say hi to Big Brother with The Furnace!

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