Don’t Judge a Book


A Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance novel set in and around Seaham, County Durham

Ellie Walker grew up with a small group of boys in the former coalfield communities around the Town of Seaham in the East Durham area of North East England; they have remained friends now they are older and all working for a living.

After a party where her boyfriend is too busy flirting with other girls to pay her attention she becomes upset and one of those boys she grew up with sees her home safely, even staying overnight in the house with her to make sure she doesn’t come to any harm from the alcohol. Thinking she will be too drunk to remember, he tells her that Dan doesn’t deserve her and admits that he really wishes she could be his girlfriend.

Sure enough, next morning, Ellie has little recollection of the evening, can’t even remember which of the boys helped her and none of them will admit to it. Months later, she finds an old Facebook message from an account he has deleted and, with the help of her childhood best friend Mark and his wife Marsha, Ellie sets out to discover which of the five lads wrote the message and, more importantly, why he is trying to hide his feelings from her.

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