Alex Norton


Writing is Alex’s outlet for a pernicious daydreaming habit. As a full-time gig, Alex has been working professionally with animals since the age of fourteen. If it runs, crawls, slithers, swims or flies, Alex has probably been bitten, strangled or stung by it at least once.

Alex is a Baltimore, Maryland native who transplanted to New Hampshire in 2012. It’s a small and glorious state with forests, beaches, mountains, mysterious beasts, and tiny old cemeteries scattered around like confetti. Inspiration is around every corner.

There are three books in the Witchbone series currently published, The Goblin’s Winter, The Ghost of Annie Gray, and The Body Stealers. Book # 4 will be published around October 25th, 2021. Check Alex’s blog for short stories and random postings.

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The Goblin’s Winter


The Ghost of Annie Gray


The Body Stealers


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