E.D. Robson


I live in the English East Midlands on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border and have recently become a full time author having led a diverse professional life with jobs as varied as merchant seaman, meat porter and college lecturer among others.

My major interest in life outside work and family has been studying, mainly with the Open University, so over a period of over twenty years I have collected a variety of qulaifications including a BSc in Psychology and a Masters in Education.

My current interests (apart from writing) include current affairs, history and swimming. I also watch virtually anything on the TV, but with a preference for Sci-Fy.

My books are in the fantasy genre, hopefully with some humour, although I hope to tackle other fields in due course. The idea of the Irrelevant One came to me when I was driving home from one of my jobs one evening (it’s not autobiographical, I’ve never met a Mesopotamian goddess or travelled to an alternative universe, although it sometimes feels like it).

I hope you enjoy my books, I write the stories to share them.

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