The Wax Factory


Flesh is weak but wax is forever…
Would you enter a sinister-looking factory without knowing what awaits you on the other side?

Dmitri is brave and dares to find out. He and his friends tour the enigmatic building to liven up a school project. Along the way, strange inexplicable phenomena begins to transpire and the deeper into the factory they go the more their lives are threatened and may be in danger.

Gustav is the factory’s curator. He dreams of restoring the place to escape it’s haunting and tragic past. However, there’s something peculiar about his demeanor. Something the group can’t figure out but as time slowly goes by a grim revelation unravels. Why does Gustav seem eccentric? What’s he hiding? Will this be the perfect college project to die for?

The Wax Factory is the first novel in the thrilling Wax Factory Series. If you like chilling suspense, riveting horror, and walking into the unknown, then you’ll enjoy the first book in this dark and disturbing series.

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