The Green Watch


Not all goblins are bad.

But thanks to a mask that allows him to appear human, Ben isn’t spending much time as a goblin anymore. Released from distrustful glances and prejudiced librarians, Ben luxuriates in his freedom, spending most of his time in the library, a place he can no longer go as a goblin.

His newly peaceful life is soon broken, though, when an unknown goblin arrives in Saint Louis, causing a stir with the Green Watch.

When Ben discovers the identity of the goblin, he’s forced to make a decision: to give him a chance or to treat him with the same distrust that Ben was always shown.His friends’ lives, and his own, hang in the balance.

The third in a series of short novels set in Saint Louis in the early 1900s and based on the 13th century Latin tale, The Benevolent Goblin.

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