The Way of the Ram


Is defeating the monster worth becoming it?

An uneasy truce has been struck with the pigs of the Megatropolis on behalf of their sheep labor force. Snapper, now the Healer, has gone public with his powerful ability. He uses it for a legitimate business, helping other sheep while remaining acceptable to the pigs. He is satisfied until he learns the Chugg Corporation is not holding up their end of the bargain.

Healer reaches out to Boxer the fighting dog and Caper the academic owl, his old mentors, and rekindles his relationship with Dreamer. But with his companions Ponder and Mauler in prison, Healer has few real options. Worse, an encounter with an old adversary leads Healer to discover that the pigs are planning a horrific fate for all sheep.

As Healer embraces the path of the warrior and prepares to confront the Chugg Corporation, a new and terrifying beast emerges—the enigmatic yet strangely familiar Render. Healer and Dreamer’s pursuit of this creature will bring them face to face with the murderer of Healer’s father before throwing them into the middle of an earth-shattering conflict between gods. No matter which side wins, their world will change forever.

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