The Healer


Against an invincible enemy, a long shot is better than no shot at all.

The pigs’ massive Chugg Corporation own the city in which the sheep live. Sheep attend Chugg-owned schools where birds teach them to parrot the approved version of history. Dogs enforce Chugg’s laws. Pigs arrest or kill any sheep that dare to step out of line.

Snapper has more reason to keep his head down than most. He is concealing a healing power that he can’t explain, and the Chugg Corporation won’t tolerate any sheep standing from the crowd. Snapper’s father, the old horned ram, knows this all too well.

After tragedy strikes his family, Snapper learns that his father was hiding two wondrous creatures. Immobile, articulate Ponder and powerful but pensive Mauler may have been sent by a higher power to break Chugg’s rule over the world.

As he grows closer to Dreamer, another sheep hurt by the pigs for being different, Snapper find himself being hunted. As Chugg’s dogs close in, Snapper must protect these two mysterious figures in his father’s stead. Only by finding Ponder and Mauler’s purpose, and unlocking their true power, can Snapper hope to stand against Chugg and free his people.

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