Layman Lessons from Simple Tales and Fables Review

Layman Lessons from Simple Tales and Fables Dilip Kumar T Dilip Kumar T lets us rethink our life and learn valuable lessons in a fun way by utilizing fables with Layman Lessons from Simple Tales and Fables!  Kumar brings us a wonderful variety of classic tales which was fun to breeze through to discover what … More Layman Lessons from Simple Tales and Fables Review

Three Shades Review

Three Shades J.D. Grubb J.D. Grubb brings us back to a world of epic fantasy told in a fascinating and creative way with Three Shades!  We return to Grubb’s lush world with its deep and intriguing lore as Ashe, Raez, and Thian must overcome their differences and rely on each other in their journey.  Grubb’s … More Three Shades Review

Blobs Review

Blobs Johnny Moscato Johnny Moscato, master of thrillers and suspense, hits us with another tense sci fi mystery with Blobs!  When strange floating blobs appear in the sky all around the world, it’s up to humanity to band together to solve the mystery of just what are they, and can humankind survive their arrival.  I … More Blobs Review

Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Review

Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Konn Lavery Konn Lavery brings us a fresh and exciting urban fantasy vigilante crime thriller with Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born!  After going on the run from the cops, Lola finds herself spiraling down a dark rabbit hole of reptilian crime lords, fallen angels, and every other monstrous creep out … More Crystal Moth Conspiracy: Ash Born Review

KDP Mastery Review

KDP Mastery A.C. Hamilton Masterful Artificial Intelligence guide creator A.C. Hamilton is back and this time shows us how to focus the powerful tools of AI into helping create successful authors with KDP Mastery!  Hamilton shows us how to use AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance our writing, edit, format, and market our books.  As … More KDP Mastery Review

Cash GPT Review

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