Three Shades Review


Three Shades

J.D. Grubb

J.D. Grubb brings us back to a world of epic fantasy told in a fascinating and creative way with Three Shades!  We return to Grubb’s lush world with its deep and intriguing lore as Ashe, Raez, and Thian must overcome their differences and rely on each other in their journey.  Grubb’s world is interesting (and fun to return to and explore more deeply after the first book built it up), but it was in the way this story is told that really drew me in.  We experience the same events, but switch between the three characters’ perspectives (thus the three shades).  If done poorly, this technique falls into the dangerous territory of being repetitive, but Grubb masterfully tells the story, making you grow attached to each character instantly!  It was fascinating to see how the same event could feel so different when experienced by another character, and it made Three Shades a memorable read.  If you love fantasy worlds with depth, creatures, lore, and wonderful characters, especially stories that surprise you with their twists and creative telling, definitely come see the world in Three Shades!

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